OZO Kandy opens in Sri Lanka’s Hill Country

Hotel Photography Sydney

OZO Kandy is the first new hotel in Kandy for 10 years and the first new international hotel in this lovely Sri Lankan city for 35 years.

The city of Kandy is located in the geographical centre of the island of Sri Lanka and is surrounded by thick rainforest.

When I visited Kandy about 25 years ago, I remember staying in respectable hostel type accommodation on the hills surrounding the city. It was a few kilometres walk downhill to the main attraction in Kandy, the beautiful Kandy Lake, and the city itself.

The train trip from the capital Colombo through the mountains covered in thick rainforest is a memorable experience and highly recommended.

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How to Create a Simple Watermark Brush in Photoshop

Before we go on to making a watermark brush let’s outline some pros and cons of stamping your name on your work. Well, it depends. It depends on what sort of photographer you are for a start. Wedding and portrait photographers almost always watermark in my experience.

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Liked on YouTube: Sarah Fontaine (cover) RESISTE France Gall

Sarah Fontaine (cover) RESISTE France Gall
Sarah FONTAINE chante avec KMProd sur FACEBOOK

Quelle fougue ! quelle envie de résister ! Quelle maîtrise aussi, enfin quoi, ça donne envie de bouger son boyo, non ?
Faut pas résister justement…

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The end of cash is coming rapidly – via Cutting Edge Weekly Newsletter

I. The end of cash is coming rapidly!

Powerful political, military and economic forces are combing to force this system upon mankind.

Tens of millions will die before this system is implemented!

NEWS BRIEF: “The End of Cash?“, The Week, May 6, 2015

“There’s a perfect storm of systemic financial change on the horizon. “Austerity” in Europe hasn’t fixed our broken economy. Neither has quantitative easing in the U.S. So what’s a mega-bank to do? Why, push to eliminate cash currency altogether, of course!”

This short paragraph identifies one of the major forces behind this drive to end all cash throughout the world. “Mega-Banks” is one of the culprits. They want to eliminate cash as rapidly as possible because their profits would soar. Politicians want to end cash because citizens are more easily controlled if they have no cash; they are totally dependent upon the banking system for their stability and the security of their assets. But, of course, we know that hackers can get into any computer-based system, so eliminating cash is really a tool of the Elite to maximize their control over the people. No longer can a survivalist include cash in his / her list of things to have on hand if martial law is declared or if the economy collapses.

“Even the big banks have become increasingly brazen in their anti-cash agenda. Citi’s Willem Buiter, for instance, put the matter plainly: Despite the disruptions and headaches involved, cash should be wiped out, and replaced with purely electronic funds. He’s hardly alone; star Harvard economist Ken Rogoff agrees, calling paper currency ‘unfit for a world of high crime and low inflation’.”

“Buiter, Rogoff, and their ilk do not care that cash is fit for a world wherein market commerce is relatively free, reliable, sustainable, and scalable downward.”

Control over people and institutions is paramount to global leaders today. With cash gone, people are more easily controlled and the world will have advanced to the point where the cashless system of Antichrist foretold nearly 2,000 years ago can come to fruition! This step is one of the major advances the world is making toward the appearance of Antichrist.

Christian, look up, for your Redemption draweth nigh!



Paul Simon: Quiet


I am heading for a time of quiet
When my restlessness is past
And I can lie down on my blanket
And release my fists at last

I am heading for a time of solitude
Of peace without illusions
When the perfect circle marries
All beginnings and conclusions

And when they say
That you’re not good enough
Well, the answer is
You’re not
But who are they
Or what is it
That eats at what you’ve got?
With the hunger of ambition
For the change inside the purse
They are handcuffs on the soul, my friends
Handcuffs on the soul
And worse

And I am heading for a place of quiet
Where the sage and sweet grass grow
By a lake of sacred water
From the mountain’s melted snow

© 2000 Words and Music by Paul Simon


Helpful Workout Tips to Effectively Lose Belly Fat

With age, your body chemistry changes, and many of those changes make it increasingly difficult to lose weight. For example, around the age of 30, your human growth hormone (HGH) level begins to drop off, and HGH helps with both fat metabolism and muscle building. And, as noted in the featured article:

“Both men and women experience a declining metabolic rate… On top of that, women have to deal with menopause. ‘If women gain weight after menopause, it’s more likely to be in their bellies,’ says Michael Jensen, MD, professor of medicine in the Mayo Clinic’s endocrinology division.”

The good news is that you can counteract this chain of events, provided you make and maintain the appropriate lifestyle changes. Choosing your exercise wisely is perhaps the most efficient way to bolster your body’s capacity to function optimally as you get older, and this includes maintaining healthy hormone levels.

Many people fail to realize that exercise can have a pronounced effect on your hormone production, naturally raising sex hormones and HGH, for example, which can have a more or less direct bearing on weight management.

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Cutting Edge News Alert: Saudi people are fearful and on edge after a deadly suicide bombing of a Shi’ite mosque on Friday

Saudi people are fearful and on edge after a deadly suicide bombing of a Shi’ite mosque on Friday.

As we stated in our DVD, “Bringing Saudi Arabia Down”, the country is very weak and citizen’s resolve is brittle. Once daily suicide attacks and bombings begin, Saudi Arabia will fall quickly.

NEWS BRIEF: “Saudi Arabia is on edge after ISIS suicide bombing”, Business Insider, 5/23/2015

“Saudi Arabia’s top Sunni cleric on Saturday branded a deadly attack on Shi’ite Muslims a bid to sow chaos, after villagers targeted in the bombing vented their anger at what they saw as the Sunni-dominated government’s indifference to their safety. Thousands of protesters took to the streets of al-Qadeeh town on Friday evening, hours after a suicide bomber killed 21 worshippers in a packed Shi’ite mosque, the first attack in the conservative kingdom to be claimed by Islamic State militants.”

Saudi Arabia is ruled by a ruthless Sunni dictatorship which so consistently bears down a heavy burden of a law more severe than Sharia Law. The average citizen understands that, at any time, police could arrive at their door, arrest them with no charges, whisk them away to a prison unknown to any other family member, and even execute them after a secret Kangaroo Court, where mere accusation will result in execution.

Therefore, many Saudi citizens do not have a bedrock of patriotism — love of one’s country — deep in their heart.

We state in this DVD, “Bringing Saudi Arabia Down”, that once terrorist attacks begin daily on Saudi soil — suicide bombings, mosque bombings, public place bombings — Saudi Arabia would begin to come apart. That warning is proving to be very accurate. The time has come for the last major entrenched dictatorship in the Middle East and Northern Africa to be brought down.

So far, events are unfolding parallel to what we expressed in this DVD.

The time is approaching quickly, dear Christian, that Antichrist will be on the world scene. Look up, fellow Christian, for our Redemption drawth nigh!

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Cutting Edge News Alert: Roman Catholic Ireland has just voted to legalize Gay Marriage

Roman Catholic Ireland has just voted to legalize Gay Marriage.

Gay deviant priests brought this debacle upon the Irish people.

NEWS BRIEF: “Church unnerved by Ireland’s huge ‘Yes’ “, Sky News, Australia, 25 May 2015

“The once-dominant Catholic Church in Ireland is trying to come to terms with an overwhelming vote in favour of gay marriage … the faithful attended mass to hear their priests reflect on the new social landscape. ‘The Church has to find a new language which will be understood and heard by people,’ Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin told reporters after mass at the city’s St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral.

” ‘We have to see how is it that the Church’s teaching on marriage and family is not being received even within its own flock.’ ”

My wife exclaimed to me when she heard that Ireland had just voted to legalize gay marriage, “how could this happen in Catholic Ireland”?

The answer is both simple and profound. Ireland has lost so many tens of thousands of Catholic adherents for the same reason the Catholic Church the world over has lost so many — the scandal of gay deviant priests preying upon innocent children within the church has gotten so deep and so dreadful that families have been leaving in droves for years.

The scandal finally reach tsunami level during the reign of Pope John Paul II. Listen to what he wrote:

“Two months before his death in 2005, Pope John Paul II, troubled by the sex scandals in the US, Austria and Ireland, had written to the Congregation for Catholic Education: “Right from the moment young men enter a Seminary their ability to live a life of celibacy should be monitored so that before their ordination one should be morally certain of their sexual and emotional maturity.” (Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia)

Many Catholic leaders protested the Pope’s words here, because they implied a link between gay Catholic priests and pedophilia. Critics argued that this link is not direct nor is it inevitable. Not every gay priest preys on children. Yet, try to tell that to tens of thousands of Catholic families who have seen instance after instance after instance where their child was molested by a gay priest.


The problem is not the Catholic Church’s teaching that gay practice is sinful; the problem is that millions of former Catholics consider this teaching to be the epitome of hypocrisy because the actions of the priests do not match the church’s teachings on homosexuality! In fact, Jesus told of a type of church just like this Catholic Church, and that the practical effect from such a church was especially deadly. Listen:

‘Woe unto you … hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones and of all uncleanness.’ (Mt 23:27)

Over the past 1,500 years, the Roman Catholic Church has perfectly fit Jesus’ description. Claiming to be the One True Church of Jesus Christ, they have been full of dead men’s bones and of all uncleanness. This DVD, pictured above left, prove that the only way to understand why Rome brought in truckloads of pagan doctrine, practices and dress is to realize that the Vatican is practicing Witchcraft! We also examine the many symbols of Catholicism, demonstrating that they are symbols used in the Witchcraft Mystery Religions of Babylon, Egypt and Chaldea

Finally, we absolutely “nail” the reasons that 75% of all Catholic priests are gay, both in inclination and in practice. You will never look at Catholicism the same way again. Last week, I received a phone call from a supporter in Boston, after he received his copy of “Catholicism: Full of Dead Men’s Bones”.

“He said, I received my DVD yesterday and have watched it three times since.”

When I asked him why he had watched it so many times in so little time, he said, “this information answered so many of my questions that I had asked when growing up Catholic”.

Ireland has been so disgusted for so many years of discovering that so many of her innocent young people have been raped and molested by gay priests that they have left the Church. Once out of the Catholic Church, the vast majority of them practiced no religion whatsoever. In fact, many of them would embrace anything the Catholic Hierarchy would oppose.

Ireland is now a country full of dead men’s bones! This election legalizing homosexual marriage is just one of the results of this deplorable spiritual condition before Almighty God.

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This Natural Insect Repellent Works Better Than Deet

Consumer Reports recruited volunteers to test out spray-on repellents made of DEET, oil of lemon eucalyptus, picaridin, a chemical called IR3535, and products made with natural plant oils. After the repellents were applied and allowed to sit for 30 minutes, the volunteers reached into a cage containing (disease-free) mosquitoes or ticks.

Two products emerged on top and were able to keep mosquitoes and ticks away for at least seven hours: products that contained 20 percent picaridin or 30 percent oil of lemon eucalyptus. Picaridin resembles the natural compound piperine, an essential oil in black pepper.

However, picaridin is not a natural compound; it’s produced synthetically in the lab. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), picaridin does not carry the same neurotoxicity concerns at DEET, although it has not been tested much over the long term. They report:2

“Overall, EWG’s assessment is that Picaridin is a good DEET alternative with many of the same advantages and without the same disadvantages.”

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Vitamin D and B3 Helps Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer

A Swedish study5 published last year followed nearly 30,000 middle-aged to older women for up to 20 years. The average follow-up was 15 years. At the outset, they asked a number of questions about sun exposure, such as: Do you sunbathe? Do you take vacations in sunny areas in the winter? Do you garden with short sleeves and shorts? And, do you use sunbeds? What they discovered was that women who avoided the sun were twice as likely to die over the course of the study.

The researchers attributed this finding to the influence of vitamin D. What this study shows is that chronic sun exposure appears to be associated with less mortality. It’s also the first study to show that women who use tanning beds live longer than those who don’t. This is in direct conflict with what almost every dermatologist will say, including the former US Surgeon General, who was a dermatologist. It’s unfortunate, but the danger of almost any specialist is that they fail to take the broader perspective.

Dermatologists see and treat the effects of UV overexposure every day, and therefore tend to ignore or minimize the other side of the equation, which is that sun exposure has a wide array of health benefits—one being a reduction in overall mortality as evidenced in this study. Such benefits are easily overlooked though, since no one will think to attribute a longer life and/or absence of disease to the fact that they spent time in the sun!

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Blonde cargoes: Finnish children in the slave markets of medieval Crimea

A Blast From The Past

Testing a female captive's teeth in an eastern slave market. Testing a female captive’s teeth in an eastern slave market.

The horrors of the trans-Atlantic slave trade have left an ineradicable mark on history. In the course of a little more than three and a half centuries, 12.5 million prisoners – at least two-thirds of them men destined for a life of labour in the fields – were shipped from holding pens along the African coast to destinations ranging from Argentina in the south all the way north to Canada. It was the largest forced migration in modern history.

When we think of slavery, we tend to think of this African traffic. Yet it was not the only such trade – nor was it, before 1700, even the largest. A second great market in slaves once sullied the world, this one less well-known, vastly longer-lasting, and centred on the Black Sea ports of the Crimea. It was a huge trade in its own right; in its great years, which lasted roughly from…

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The Berlin Wall & East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany

life to reset

berlin wall
There are significant moments in history when it happened we are either too young to understand or too young to remember, but the image of people climbing a wall, tearing it down with so much satisfaction and eagerness will always be embedded in my mind as a child as I watched the clips of the event in our family living room with our small, grainy yet reliable CRT TV.

From then on, my curiosity triggered and I knew that touching the historic Berlin Wall (Berlin Mauer) will be one of the many things I wanted to do.

A barrier constructed by the German Democratic Republic (GDR) that separates East Germany from the West, the Berlin Wall represented the inner conflicts of Germany as it struggles to rebuilt as a nation after the end of World War II. A country divided by a 3.6 meters height concrete wall, the wall that…

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Libertad! Igualdad! Fraternidad!

You sullen pig of a man
you force me into the mud
with your stinking ash-cart!

–if we were rich
we’d stick our chests out
and hold our heads high!

It is dreams that have destroyed us.

There is no more pride
in horses or in rein holding.
We sit hunched together brooding
our fate.

all things turn bitter in the end
whether you choose the right or
the left way
dreams are not a bad thing.

William Carlos Williams


Cutting Edge Newsletter 21 May 2015 – 3

III. President Obama used his announcement that Global Warming was real and was a National Security Threat using the principles of Mind Control we reveal in this new DVD, “Invisible, Invincible Mind Control”.

NEWS BRIEF: “”Obama Frames Global Warming as National Security Threat”, ABC News, May 20, 2015

In his remarks, the President followed these principles of Mind Control reported in this DVD:

1) The President issued a truly shocking statement, i.e., we are past the point of arguing whether Global Warming is real.

2) Barack Obama spoke as the President of the United States. In the minds of many Americans, the Presidency is so prestigious that they will believe something to be true if the President uttered it.

3) Now that the process of silently, invisibly changing people’s minds on the subject of Global Warming has gone on for 40 years, the last step is at hand. What is that step?

“No longer outraged, or shocked by the premise, people begin to argue for positions to moderate the extreme; or, they accept the premise, challenging, instead, the means to ACHIEVE it.”

Now, the President is forcefully advcocating a radical plan to “solve” the very “global problem” that the Elite manufactured in the beginning. Of course, since this Global Warming is a global problem, it must be solved by a global dictatorship — and one is ‘a-comin’!

Welcome to the New World Order!

NOTE: Conservative Republicans will continue battling this Climate Change propaganda, but I fear Liberal Democrats have outflanked us. For the past several decades, Public Schools have been teaching our children that Global Warming is real, and is a threat to all mankind. Now, these school children are voting adults, and they just assume that President Obama is correct!

The demographic numbers have now been turned against us.

via Cutting Edge Newsletter.


Cutting Edge Newsletter 21 May 2015 – 2

II. President Obama just “upped the ante” on the debate over Global Warming by declaring it to be fact and to be so serious as to constitute a “National Security Threat”!

NEWS BRIEF: “Obama Frames Global Warming as National Security Threat”, ABC News, May 20, 2015

“President Barack Obama is framing the challenges of climate change as a matter of national security that threatens to aggravate poverty and political instability around the globe and jeopardize the readiness of U.S. forces.”

Wow! That is one comprehensive warning for the President of the United States! Using the White House “bully pulpit”, the President declared the debate over Global Warming to be at and end, and he outline the dire consequences which will surely follow if we do not get this situation under control!

“The president in recent months has pressed for action on climate change as a matter of health, as a matter of environmental protection and as a matter of international obligation. He’s even couched it as a family matter, linking it to the worry he felt when one his daughters had an asthma attack as a preschooler.”

“His speech to the cadets, by contrast, is focused on what the Obama administration says are immediate risks to national security, including contributing to more natural disasters that result in humanitarian crises and potential new flows of refugees. Further, the president sees climate change aggravating poverty and social tensions that can fuel instability and foster terrorist activity and other violence.”

By choosing the U.S. Coast Guard Academy as the backdrop for his remarks, the President added a greater sense of reliability and trust, because Americans trust the military far more than they trust the White House!

Of course, this issue is far from settled in the minds of many significant scientists. Many scientists do not believe Global Warming is really happening, while others accept that it may be occurring, but do not believe the frightening consequences being bandied about.

Please take a moment to read a couple of current news articles on this most important issue of the day.

NEWS BRIEF: “New Study Threatens To Unravel Obama’s Global Warming Agenda”, Daily Caller News, 5/18/2015

NEWS BRIEF: “Arctic Drilling Undercuts Obama’s Global Warming Efforts, Experts Say”, U.S, News and World Report, May 13, 2015

Listen to the strident voice of alarm in this broadcast!

NEWS BRIEF: “Obama turns up heat on climate change debate in Florida”, CNN, April 23, 2015

Eight (8) years ago, Cutting Edge posted an article which has stood the test of time. In this article, we reported that the Global Elite had deliberately created five (5) major world crises designed to panic the peoples of the world into accepting a global dictatorhip.

These five crises are:

1) Global Warming / Cooling / Climate Change

2) Global Terrorism

3) Global War

4) Global Economic Disaster

5) Global Virus Pandemic

Read full details in NEWS2193, entitled, “Five Major Created Global Disasters Are Being Constantly Preached To The World As Reasons To Form The Global New World Order!”

Listen to the underlying premise behind the Elite creating five global disasters: “The secret societies were planning as far back as 1917 to invent an artificial threat … in order to bring humanity together in a one-world government which they call the New World Order.” [William Cooper, “Behold A Pale Horse”, p. 27]

Now you know the truth!

via Cutting Edge Newsletter.


Cutting Edge Newsletter 21 May 2015 – 1

I. Iranian warships linked up with a civilian cargo ship off the waters of Yemen, determined to punch through the naval blockade set up by Saudi Arabia.

I wonder if Iran’s determination to risk naval warfare has anything to do with the fact that, today, the Western 5+1 nations open final negotiations with Iran on her nuclear development program?

NEWS BRIEF: “Iran ship heads towards Red Sea amid fears of Yemen showdown”, Today Online, May 20, 2015

“Saudi-led forces have imposed searches on all ships trying to enter Yemen in a bid to prevent weapons being smuggled to the Houthis who control much of the country, including Hodaida … An Iranian cargo ship heading to Yemen is expected to cross into the Red Sea on Thursday … The approaching vessel threatens to broaden a regional confrontation over Yemen …”

Where, exactly, is this cargo ship and its Iranian warship escort?

” ‘If the weather and the ship’s technical conditions persist … we will enter the Bab al-Mandeb strait tomorrow morning’, the Iran Shahed’s captain Massoud Ghazi Mirsaid was quoted as saying on Wednesday, referring to a stretch of water linking the Gulf of Aden with the Red Sea … the ship would arrive on Thursday and … it would dock on Friday.”

(See Map of the Bab al-Mandeb strait)

How important is this strait of Bab al-Mandeb?

“The Bab-el-Mandeb is a strait located between Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula, and Djibouti and Eritrea in the Horn of Africa. It connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden … “Bab-el-Mandeb” means “Gateway of anguish”, or “Gateway of tears”; the strait derives its name from the dangers attending its navigation, or, according to an Arab legend, from the numbers who were drowned by the earthquake which separated Asia and Africa.”

As soon as the pro-Western government of Yemen fell to the rebels, a Pentagon spokesman publicly warned that the West must immediately secure free access to the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait. The US Navy was already in position to do just that, because it was on station to secure access to the huge American base at Djibouti.

You will be surprised by the amount of crude oil and other materials which pass through the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait daily.

“In 2006, an estimated 3.3 million barrels …. of oil passed through the strait per day, out of a world total of about 43 million barrels per day ) moved by tankers.” (Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia) Therefore, 7.6% of all crude oil the world uses passes through the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait!

The Pentagon says its warships were on station and are monitoring the cargo ship.

Iran seems really bold and nonchalant about escorting this cargo ship through the Saudi blockade. I wonder if Iran knows that President Obama is so intent upon reaching a nuclear deal that he will turn a blind eye toward this civilian, humanitarian ship? Final negotiations begin today.

NEWS BRIEF: “Iran, 6 World Powers Launch New Round of Nuclear Talks”, ABC News, May 20, 2015

“Experts from Iran and six world powers are launching a new round of negotiations focused on reaching a deal that curbs Iran’s nuclear program. Diplomats said ahead of Wednesday’s meeting that progress is being made but significant gaps remain on a main document and technical annexes ahead of an end-of-June deadline.”

If the United States Navy is ordered to allow this cargo ship through the blockade, Iran is certainly going to assume that any cargo vessel loaded with any type of cargo will also be allowed through. At that point, Iran is likely to start shipping the Houthi rebels military supplies, setting the stage for sparks to fly that could trigger regional war.

via Cutting Edge Newsletter.

The Classic Church Building: A Non-Biblical Wineskin (Part 1)

The Road


The Community of the Lord was built for speed. It began in the upper room of a house. The early Church had no time to even consider the things we in the present deem wholly indispensible. They were out to save the world. The Community was expanding by leaps and bounds. Growth was rapid from the very beginning and never slowed forthree centuries. It began on its very first day in Jerusalem with a harvest of three thousand souls.

Imagine that. Many churches of today work for long decades to accumulate a few hundred loyal members. Many are presently trying to keep what they have and are failing miserably.

It was twenty years ago when I began receiving from the Lord the notes and revelations that would eventually become my first book. But I knew by the 1970’s, within a very short time of studying the New Testament by…

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