A major new study reveals that American adults are shockingly less religious than ever before!

II. A major new study reveals that American adults are shockingly less religious than ever before!

Both “Escaping Common Core” and “Indoctrination” are completely accurate: Churches today are failing because Christian parents left their children in Public Schools, in the “Pharaoh School System”!

NEWS BRIEF: “U.S. has become notably less Christian”, L.A. Times, May 12, 2015

“The U.S. has become significantly less Christian in recent years as the share of American adults who espouse no systematic religious belief increased sharply, a major new study found. For what is probably the first time in U.S. history, the number of American Christians has declined … The erosion in traditional religious ranks seems likely to continue.”

Now, here comes the troubling news:

“… in a reverse of previous patterns, younger Americans do not appear to be adhering more to traditional faiths as they become parents. Just the opposite seems to be happening — members of the millennial generation have grown less religious as they age.”

In other words, parents who have continued to “save money” by sending their precious children to America’s godless public schools are now reaping what they have sown. In unprecedented numbers, young adults have abandoned the Christian faith.

When you stand before Jesus on Judgment Day, what will you say to Him as to why you chose a more comfortable lifestyle over keeping your children out of the Public School System? What can you say? What effect will your failure as a parent have on your eternity?

III. Before the so-called truce was scheduled to go into effect, Saudi Arabia ramped up the fear factor as it amassed a powerful mechanized tank and mobile artillery on the Yemen border.

The Saudi force of 150,000 are still on that border. Now, Saudi Arabia has a complete invasion force, ready to launch on a moment’s notice.

NEWS BRIEF: “Saudi Arabia assembles ‘massive force’ on Yemen border”, Aljazeera News, 11 May 2015

“Saudi Arabia has assembled a “massive” additional force on its border with Yemen after trading heavy artillery and rocket fire with Yemen’s Houthi fighters, prior to a proposed truce taking effect.”

“… it included advanced armaments capable of fighting in rugged mountainous areas. Footage showing rows of tanks and armoured personnel carriers loaded on military vehicles headed towards Yemen were aired on a Saudi-owned television channel.”

We have real doubts over the 5-day “truce” announced, as both sides seem intent upon embarking on all-out war. One of the most common military tactic in history is to announce a ceasefire just before hostilities begin. The ceasefire is simply a cover for the massive buildup for military forces on both sides of the conflict.

Yemen Houthi fighters carried out a “first” of their own. For the first time ever, a Saudi oil field came under attack!

NEWS BRIEF: “Yemeni tribesmen attack Saudi oil facility”, Press TV, 11 May 2015

“The al-Mayadeen satellite channel quoted a tribal source in the Yemeni province of Sa’ada as saying that the country’s tribesmen targeted a facility of the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, known as Aramco, in Dhahran al-Janub, located in the southwestern Asir region.”

Oil fields and oil facilities are Saudi Arabia’s “Achilles Heel” in this conflict. Prior to the moment when Saudi Arabia launched her air campaign against Yemen, Iran had amassed a good supply of ground-to-ground missiles capable of striking most Saudi Arabia “soft targets”, like oil fields. In fact, the whole purpose of striking by air first was to destroy these missiles. No one has any firm idea now as to how many of these missiles have actually been destroyed, and we will not know until Saudi forces attack by land across Yemen’s borders. Then, and only then, will Yemen’s Shi’ite forces use those missiles.

My suspicion is that Yemeni forces will use these missiles in an “asymmetrical” manner, i.e., striking at soft targets inside Saudi Arabia rather than against the Saudi forces attacking them on the ground. Saudi Arabia can be defeated more certainly and quickly if she sees her oil facilities going up in smoke than if she is defeated on the ground.

Once Saudi oil field and shipping and refinery factories are reduced to smoldering ruins, we shall see the price of crude oil shooting back to the 3.50 per gallon range at the pump. Just as we predicted in our DVD, “Bringing Saudi Arabia Down”, the world economy will not be deprived of the oil it needs because the Elite have already lined up nations like Iraq, Kurdistan, the United States and Russia to pump the oil quantity which Saudi Arabia had been pumping.

Prices will go back up, but the world’s economy will have the crude it daily needs.

To refresh your memory as to the intent of all the wars currently raging in this region, this Middle East Map depicted below is the Pentagon’s Plan for this region as printed in the American Armed Forces Journal in their June, 2006, issue.


Via http://www.cuttingedge.org/newsletters/

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