Marketing Tips for Photographers: Promoting your work online

Generating an income from photography is not easy. However there’s one thing all photographers can agree, the more people who are exposed to your work the better. That’s why it’s important to optimise your presence online.

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Liked on YouTube: Canon 6D vs Sony a6000

Canon 6D vs Sony a6000
One Epic Battle!

I have owned the Canon 6D for quite sometime now and have loved it since day 1!

We really are two peas in a pod at times. We share everything from our thoughts on priorities, like Aperture to Cropping in public. It really has been a match made in heaven.

Then along came the a6000, a slimmer-younger bodied camera with assets that make an experienced photographer drool!

All jokes aside! Both of these cameras are phenomenal. They boast many incredible features that are perfect for any landscape photographer and almost identical in quality. However, one is nearly ~$1200 less than the other.

There are all kinds of videos circling YouTube that show the a6000 “destroying” the 5D Mk III and the Canon 6D. I didn’t believe them when I saw them so I ran my own set of tests.

Below are the Spec Sheets for both cameras along with the differences and some of the ways I controlled my experiments.

In this tutorial/battle I will put both cameras side by side in a series of field tests that will compare the following:

The affects of Crop Factor
ISO handling
Long Exposure
DP Review Reports

The Canon 6D vs Sony a6000
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