The Theology of Patch Adams


This week I watched the movie Patch Adams. I recommend it to everyone. It definitely is in my top 5 favorite movies. (and it’s on Netflix so…def go watch it)

Hunter “Patch” Adams is a doctor who is trying to change the world of medicine. He uses humor, compassion, and genuine friendship as a tool to help sick people. His hospital takes all types of patients free of charge. His patients weren’t just diseases, they were real people with real stories. He wanted to become a doctor to serve the world.

This movie is truly amazing. The heart of Patch is what I want. A servants heart. A heart that wants to help people. A heart of humility. A heart of compassion.

I believe the church is like a hospital. We’re a building full of real people who need help every day. Jesus says in Mark 2:17, “It is not…

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