Why is pronunciation so hard for adults?


“In investigating the child’s brain, we may be able to help keep our own minds open to learning for our entire lives”

Here at Lirean, we know a thing or two about silly pronunciation mistakes. Katie, our content developer, once spent a few months in Italy asking for pesce (fish) at the grocers instead of peaches (pesche). Our Italian graphic designer Matteo, struggles to distinguish the vowel sounds in sheep and ship, which gets him into all kinds of trouble when he talks about beaches or sheets. Then there’s Gen, our researcher, whose Cantonese grandma once offered to take her out to eat crap (or crab, we hope).

But pronunciation struggles aren’t all fun and games and toilet humour.

Resesearch shows that having a strong foreign accent can lead to a whole host of professsional and social disadvantages. One study even shows that speakers with foreign accents are more likely…

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