Highway to Heaven – Road trip to Spiti Valley

Royal Enfield motorcycles demand respect. Now I know the reason why. Stark blue skies, barren landscape, the so called roads made of stones and sand, at 12,000ft above msl, riding your beloved Royal Enfield, there you stand, atop one of the world’s most beautiful places.

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Discussing “What to Charge”, Releases, Licensing and Other Resources : Updated Regularly in Pro Corner : Semi-Pro and Professional Photography / Photographer

purplezebra says: A lot of posts to this group seem to revolve around what to charge, so I thought I’d start a thread that contained nothing but resources on anything and everything related to how to figure out what to charge.

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How much should photographers charge in 2015?

It’s been a rough decade and a half for photographers. Digital technology dramatically changed the photography industry in the early part of the century. I find it amazing how many professionals quit the business because of the digital revolution. For most, it was an unwillingness to change.

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