Taharrush gamea

German police are investigating whether the numerous sex assaults in public in multiple cities are part of an Islamic practice known as Taharrush gamea”.

In Islamic countries, this practice allows a large group of Muslims to sexually harass and rape Islamic women with legal impunity.

One more reason not to let these people with an alien mindset / values into our country.

NEWS BRIEF: “‘Taharrush gamea’ comes to Germany? Police fear Cologne sex abuse may be imported practice“, Russia Today News, 11 Jan 2016

“German police fear repeats of the Cologne New Year’s Eve sexual assaults, saying extra attention will now be paid to fighting similar attacks. Police used the Arab term ‘taharrush gamea’ (collective harassment) to categorize the assaults … The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the main investigative authority in Germany, said in a response to Welt newspaper it knows sexual harassment of women in public is widespread in Arab countries, and that this is exactly what happened on New Year’s Eve in Cologne. Collective harassment is translated as ‘taharrush gamea’ .”

In other words, groups of Arab men believe that they have the right under “‘taharrush gamea” to sexually harass and even to rape, women unlucky enough to be caught outside in the vicinity of the gathering of the Islamic men.

Western Society cannot tolerate a belief system which allows groups of Arabic men to rape women.

Donald Trump is right in advocating a brief halt to immigration from Islamic countries until the United States can create and implement, a new system which takes into count what our national attitude must be regarding this issue.

Why are feminist groups up in arms over this issue?


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