Liked on YouTube: How to make anyone believe anything. – StoryBrain

How to make anyone believe anything. – StoryBrain
Unlike what we often think, the human brain is not a reasoning engine, and it’s not broken when it ignores logical arguments. The brain is a survival and reproduction engine, and it has very good reasons for why it sometimes listens and sometimes doesn’t. But if we understand those reasons, we can see how dictators and ideologies have controlled people’s minds for centuries, and also learn to overcome these methods.

This is part 2 of the Propaganda Series. Enjoy!

Clips from Snowden, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Revolutionary Road, Black Ops, Zero Fighter, CNN, The Ten Commandments, Troy, The Clan of the Cave Bear, Chris Pirillo, NASTAR, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Prudential, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and others.
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Liked on YouTube: How to Read a Book for Maximum Learning

How to Read a Book for Maximum Learning
How to Read a Book for Maximum Learning gives Matt Morris’ strategy for becoming a business leader, speaker and author. Visit for more insights Matt used to become a millionaire.
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Liked on YouTube: Living Toads Found Entombed In Stone?

Living Toads Found Entombed In Stone?
The phenomena we are about to cover, may at first sound absurd, and indeed it would appear to be impossible…
however, due to the vast array of witness testimony, which span the earth, it would be ignorant to not approach the subject with an air of curiosity.
The phenomena become known as, entombed animal, and throughout the years, it has been referenced in the writings of William of Newburgh, J. G. Wood, Ambroise Paré, Robert Plot, André Marie Constant Duméril, John Wesley, even Charles Dickens mentioned it in his journal All the Year Round.
According to Fortean Times, a British monthly magazine devoted to the anomalous phenomena, about 210 entombed animal cases have been described in Europe, North America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand since the fifteenth century.
Animals are reportedly found alive after being encased in solid rock, coal or wood, for an indeterminate amount of time.
The accounts usually involve frogs or toads. Thus the phenomenon is sometimes called “toad in the hole, although it has been dismissed by mainstream science, it remains a topic of interest to the Fortean researchers among others.
On rare occasions multiple animals are said to have been found encased in the same place.
Benjamin Franklin wrote an account of four live toads claimed to have been found enclosed in quarried limestone.
In a letter to Julian Huxley, one Eric G. Mackley claimed to have freed 23 frogs from a single piece of concrete while widening a road in Devonshire the UK.
and An 1876 report from South Africa said that 63 small toads were found in the middle of a 16-foot-wide tree trunk.
Though reports of entombed animals have occurred as recently as the 1980s, scientists have paid little attention to the phenomenon since the nineteenth century. During the 1820s, English geologist William Buckland conducted an experiment to see how long a toad could remain alive while encased in stone.
He placed toads of different sizes and ages into carved chambers within limestone and sandstone blocks, then buried the blocks in his garden.
A year later, he dug up the blocks and found that most of the toads were dead and decayed.
A few toads were still living. However, Buckland sadly found them all dead after reburying them in the limestone for another year.
Buckland concluded that toads could not survive inside rock for extreme lengths of time, and determined that reporters of the entombed animal phenomenon were mistaken.
Parts of the scientific establishment have taken both an interest in the phenomena, while other have scoffed at it.
In an article in an 1890 Scientific American a writer declared, quote, “Many well authenticated stories of the finding of live toads and frogs in solid rock are on record.”
While a few years later the editor for the magazine Nature, argued, quote, “It matters little to tell the reporters of such occurrences that the thing is absolutely impossible, and that our believing it, would involve the conclusion that the whole science of geology, not to mention biology, is a mass of nonsense.” End quote.
Assuming that out of the hundreds of reports from around the world, some were accurately true, then just how did these animals become entombed in stone? And how did they survive?
The last official report was in the 1980’s so we may have to wait a while for another occurrence.
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Liked on YouTube: Original 1950’s Rockabilly mix #1

Original 1950’s Rockabilly mix #1
For mix #2 go here:
A compilation of 37 original 1950’s American Rockabilly songs:
01.Wayne Walker – All I Can Do Is Cry (2:11)
02.Sleepy La Beef – All The Time (1:49)
03.Bill Love – Baby I’ll Never Let You Go (1:51)
04.Bobby Lollar – Bad Bad Boy (1:54)
05.Janis Martin – Bang Bang (1:55)
06.Don Woody – Barking Up The Wrong Tree (2:16)
07.Tennessee Bill – Be Boppin’ Baby (1:49)
08.Mack Banks – Be Boppin’ Daddy (1:58)
09.Bobby Lord – Beautiful Baby (2:44)
10.Don Woody – Bird Dog (2:20)
11.Marvin Rainwater – Boo Hoo (1:43)
12.Ronnie Self – Bop A Lena (2:03)
13.Vern Pullens – Bop Crazy Baby (1:35)
14.Don Willis & the Orbits – Boppin’ High School Baby (2:31)
15.Ric Cartey – Born To Love One Woman (2:19)
16.Jackie Lee Cochran – Buy a Car (2:01)
17.Lee Finn – Cat All Night (2:15)
18.Johnny Carroll – Crazy Crazy Lovin’ (2:15)
19.Art Adams – Dancing Doll (1:55)
20.Joe Clay – Did You Mean Jelly Bean (1:54)
21.Billy Praeger & the Caravans – Do It Bop (2:08)
22.Pat Cupp & the Flying Saucers – Do Me No Wrong (2:21)
23.Bob Doss – Don’t Be Gone Long (2:05)
24.Alvis Wayne – Don’t Mean Maybe Baby (2:25)
25.Curtis Gordon – Draggin’ (1:48)
26.Mickey Gilley – Drive In Movie (2:03)
27.Joe Clay – Ducktail (2:27)
28.Bob & Lucille – Eeny Meeny Miney Mo (2:04)
29.Benny England – Eloping (1:57)
30.Carl Mann – Gonna Rock & Roll Tonight (1:51)
31.Mac Curtis – Grandaddy’s Rockin’ (2:01)
32.Skeets McDonald – Heartbreakin’ Mama (2:22)
33.Bill Lawrence – Hey Baby (2:09)
34.Jackie Lee Cochran – Hip Shakin’ Mama (1:48)
35.Larry Donn – Honey Bun (1:56)
36.Dale Vaughn – How Can You Be Mean To Me (2:17)
37.Al Rex – Hydrogen Bomb (2:46)
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Liked on YouTube: RICHPLANET TV – The Secret Space Fleet – 13/10/2014 Show

RICHPLANET TV – The Secret Space Fleet – 13/10/2014 Show
Please visit Richard D Hall’s website RICHPLANET.NET … to see all his past shows, and so much more, covering all types of alternate issues that the mainstream refuses to acknowledge.
The term “whistle blower” is a commonly used term. Richard’s contention is that any genuine whistle blower would not be granted air time in mainstream media. Important whistle blowers such as Dr Judy Wood are not widely know about. Another whistle blower who has not been given much coverage in mainstream is Edgar Fouche. Fouche worked in a technical role for the U.S. Air Force for over 20 years and in 1998 published details of an aerial vehicle he claims has been developed in secret by the N.S.A. and U.S.A.F. The performance characteristics are mind boggling, using a field propulsion. In this lecture Richard argues that NASA is effectively a cover organisation to keep the public amused. The more advanced space vehicles and exploration programme have been secretised and are being kept well away from public scrutiny. Are you happy about this?
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How to Color Code
Let’s get some color up in here! 😀

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Textbook Notes: 3rd Method
How to Take Notes on Textbooks (all 3 methods) :

Yes – It’s FINALLY here! I hope you found this video helpful and I am so sorry it took me so long to make it. Good luck with your exams!! ^_^ Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. xox

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