Liked on YouTube: Transitioning to eating meat after a vegan diet

Transitioning to eating meat after a vegan diet
For a lot of people the transition away from a vegetarian or a vegan diet can be very challenging. For some there is guilt about eating meat again while for others the problem comes from not being able to digest meat again very well.

I was a vegetarian and a vegan for some time in an effort to clear up my acne but the results were awful: the acne became worse then ever, I was loosing my hair, feeling and looking sick and pale and I was never in a good mood. Eating meat again and changing my diet completely has been the best thing for my health and today I’m sharing some tips on how to make this transition much easier.

A lot of the people that go back to eating meat again choose to adopt a paleo diet because it focuses on sustainable farming and eating meat from healthy animals that had a happy life which was free of suffering.

The tips mentioned in this video are …
1. Make peace with the decision and get over the emotional block.
2. Stick to fish and eggs initially.
3. Stick to less fatty cuts of meat initially.
4. Take digestive enzymes, probiotics and apple cider vinegar (ACV).
5. Consider hydrochloric acid supplements if necessary.
6. Drink bone broth regularly.

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