Do Australians Deserve Labor?

Labor Will Get Home

A comment on the article by a reader:

Mick Davis replied to john
Sat 14 Aug 10 (08:12am)
Well if people are dumb enough to vote labour knowing that they cant deliver on promise, knife their PMs in midnight attacks, blow budgets and borrow madly, cant deliver surplus budgets, porkbarrel like someone possessed, are run by union hacks, have a treasurer of no skills, and have an extreme socialist agenda …. then perhaps they deserve what they get.

Take Swann. When Gillards vote gave us Latham, where was Swanny? Not good enough so we got Latham. When Lathams vote gave us Rudd, where was Swanny? Not good enough so we got a dill Rudd, where was Tanner, where was Fawkner… not good enough.

So with no-one good enough we got unknowns, thugs and union hacks.

You want party with so much hate and dysfunction to take control of the wheels of power, then vote for this incompetent bunch of unskilled union run dills and wait for the next recession, the one we have to avoid but will drive straight into blidnly and broke.