Liked on YouTube: How to Play ALL Over The Neck WITHOUT Knowing Theory

How to Play ALL Over The Neck WITHOUT Knowing Theory
In this video you will discover how to play ALL over the fretboard without having to memorize or learn music theory. Super powerful! Thanks for watching!

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P.S. Enjoy the E Blues Jam Track at the VERY END of this video. This jam track was recorded by me in my professional studio, enjoy!

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Liked on YouTube: Richard D Hall Andrew Johnson The Apollo Conspiracy 1/2

Richard D Hall Andrew Johnson The Apollo Conspiracy 1/2
The Apollo Conspiracy.
Richard D. Hall & Andrew Johnson once again meet to discuss the conspiracy’s around the Apollo moon missions, NASA, space based weapons, Orbital lazars & various black projects. Another interesting investigation into knowledge not found in the most known mainstream media. Enjoy!
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Liked on YouTube: Sony RX100 V Versus Panasonic LX10/LX15 Shootout

Sony RX100 V Versus Panasonic LX10/LX15 Shootout
The Sony RX100 series single handedly revitalized the advanced compact camera market, and the fifth camera in the line has just arrived, the RX100 V. However, Panasonic is now trying to steal some of Sony’s thunder with their new LX10, a camera with more tactile controls and a touch screen. Which is the new king of advanced compacts? Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake ventured into the terrible Alberta cold to find out!

Music Provided By

Shot by Levi Holwell, edited by Jordan Drake
Shot on the Sony FS5

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