The end of cash is coming rapidly – via Cutting Edge Weekly Newsletter

I. The end of cash is coming rapidly!

Powerful political, military and economic forces are combing to force this system upon mankind.

Tens of millions will die before this system is implemented!

NEWS BRIEF: “The End of Cash?“, The Week, May 6, 2015

“There’s a perfect storm of systemic financial change on the horizon. “Austerity” in Europe hasn’t fixed our broken economy. Neither has quantitative easing in the U.S. So what’s a mega-bank to do? Why, push to eliminate cash currency altogether, of course!”

This short paragraph identifies one of the major forces behind this drive to end all cash throughout the world. “Mega-Banks” is one of the culprits. They want to eliminate cash as rapidly as possible because their profits would soar. Politicians want to end cash because citizens are more easily controlled if they have no cash; they are totally dependent upon the banking system for their stability and the security of their assets. But, of course, we know that hackers can get into any computer-based system, so eliminating cash is really a tool of the Elite to maximize their control over the people. No longer can a survivalist include cash in his / her list of things to have on hand if martial law is declared or if the economy collapses.

“Even the big banks have become increasingly brazen in their anti-cash agenda. Citi’s Willem Buiter, for instance, put the matter plainly: Despite the disruptions and headaches involved, cash should be wiped out, and replaced with purely electronic funds. He’s hardly alone; star Harvard economist Ken Rogoff agrees, calling paper currency ‘unfit for a world of high crime and low inflation’.”

“Buiter, Rogoff, and their ilk do not care that cash is fit for a world wherein market commerce is relatively free, reliable, sustainable, and scalable downward.”

Control over people and institutions is paramount to global leaders today. With cash gone, people are more easily controlled and the world will have advanced to the point where the cashless system of Antichrist foretold nearly 2,000 years ago can come to fruition! This step is one of the major advances the world is making toward the appearance of Antichrist.

Christian, look up, for your Redemption draweth nigh!