Israel confirms: Death to the mullahs

Today Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the United Nations General Assembly. He made his intentions crystal clear: death to the mullahs. I don’t understand why everybody keeps pretending that the UN is anything except a giant mental asylum. Here’s part of Netanyahu’s speech.

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The greatest deception operation in human history? – Thomas Wictor

It would be impossible for the US and the Europeans to use military force on Iran. However, the Arabs, Pakistanis, and Israelis aren’t afraid of morons full of passionate intensity. They don’t care about their “legacy” or being called names by cretinous loudmouths.

I have to say this: President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, if this is indeed a deception operation, it’s brilliant, and you’re to be commended. You have my thanks. It’ll work spectacularly. You figured out the one way to solve this issue permanently.


via The greatest deception operation in human history? – Thomas Wictor.